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Weeekly the most youthful rookies of Kpop

Weeekly the most youthful rookies of Kpop



From South Korea we had the chance of interviewing Weeekly. We talked about their debut in the midst of the pandemic and how they feel as rookies in this industry.

Full of energy and youthful vitality, Soojin, Jiyoon, Monday, Soeun, Jaehee, Jihan, and Zoa came to the world of Kpop to fill it with happiness. With energetic music, unrivaled vocal talent, and unique choreography, Weeekly is the future of Kpop.

Weeekly debuted in June 2020 with the agency Play M Entertainment, yes in the middle of the global pandemic. But despite adversity, the girls are very clear about their mission: to bring spark and happiness to everyone. And they plan to achieve this through their Highteen concept, which highlights youth and the willingness to always improve.

How did Soojin, Jiyoon, Monday, Soeun, Jaehee, Jihan and Zoa start this adventure in such a difficult time? With his first songs Tag Me (@Me) and Zig Zag that, Daileee, as his fan club calls itself, influenced by the bubbly energy could not resist.

If what you want is music that makes you feel good, and fills you with energy, don’t hesitate to listen to the group’s discography. From exciting songs like Universe and Unnie, to something softer and more emotional like Top Secret and Reality. You won’t be able to wait for more and more songs to come out!

Weeekly presents «We play», their new comeback

“If you look ahead and run towards your dream, you will see that you will soon be there!”

Weeekly wants to make every day of the week something special with Daileee. About this and more, they spoke exclusively with K-magazine.

Weeekly debuted this June 2020, in a difficult year. How was your experience in this different and complicated situation for the industry?

Soojin: Firstly, I was happy about debuting as I dreamed, but on the other side I feel sorry that there are little opportunities for us to reunite with the public for the safety and health of all. Even so, it was a really precious year thanks to Daileee that supported us from far away and made their love and affection get to our hearts.

How would you like to inspire the new generation in these dark times?

Monday: The darker you feel, the heavier it feels. Now we can appreciate the importance of ordinary life that we didn’t know before and we learned to be happy with the little things so we could say that we developed together, right?  We, Weeekly, are going to work harder to give happiness to those who are going through tough times.

Soeun: Knowing that the times are hard, I don’t dare to comfort easily and I thought in which words to say to them. I’m going to do my best to concentrate on the new happiness instead of getting attached and miss the old days. Cheer up everyone!

Zoa: Unlike before, I know you are sad because now there are less chances to meet other people directly, but nothing is more important than health, so please take care of your health!

Soojin, from Weeekly / Photo Courtesy Play M
Weeekly is a new girlband. Could you tell us more about your concept for your Latin fandom?

Jiyoon: Weeekly is a group that has the objective of ‘giving a new and special week each day every day’ therefore all our 7 members are in charge of one day of the week. Our concept is ‘Highteen’, it could be said that the living and energetic image of teenagers, and the diverse performances where we used various objects is our major charm. 

What advice did you receive from your unnies Apink?

Jihan: Even before our debut they cheered a lot for us, and they have given us many warm tips! What I remember the most from the advice Apink gave us is about teamwork.

Jiyoon, from Weeekly / Photo Courtesy Play M
There are a lot of rookie girl groups out there, What makes Weeekly different?

Soojin: Similar to us, a lot of the girl groups that have debuted did it with infinite effort, they all are amazing and charming. I think that Weeekly is different because of our energy and the fact that we use special objects on stage.

Jaehee: I also think that the ‘object performance’ makes us different. In each album we show a stage with various objects. In our debut song, Tag Me (@Me), we used school desks, and in our second album, Zig Zag, we used a cube.

What is the best part of being a rookie?   

Jihan: There are many things I’m experimenting for the first time, which makes every day new and an adventure.

Jaehee: As a rookie, I like the fact that we can have a variety of new experiences. 

Who is your musical influence?   

Monday: I think it is you, Daileee. What I always take most into account is, what type of music the fans would like to see Monday work on? Even on stage, I would like to sing songs that our fans enjoy. We still haven’t spent a lot of time together, but I would like to say that Daileee is already part of my life.

Jiyoon: The words that Daileee gives us, our families and our members influence me a lot.

Monday, from Weeekly / Photo Courtesy Play M
Who are your favorite female singers that you consider role models?

Soojin: IU, Apink, OH MY GIRL and TWICE.

Monday: When it comes to teamwork I want to emulate Apink and GIRLFRIEND. And, of pop artists I really like is Tori Kelly.

Jihan: Baek Yerin and Ariana Grande.

Jiyoon: IU and OH MY GIRL!

Soeun: My role model is IU!


Jaehee: Since I was little I really liked Yoona, from GIRLS’ GENERATION, and I have her as my role model.

Lee Soo Jin, Shin Ji Yoon, Park So Eun were part of MIXNINE. What was the biggest lesson you got from working with the greats of the industry?

Soojin: Being with professionals made me learn delicate details and gestures for the stage that I didn’t know as a trainee.

Jiyoon: Fortunately we had the opportunity to practice and shoot with many people. Within this process, seeing our veteran seniors, we learned practice methods among other tips.

Soeun: First, I felt great joy on stage, and seeing the other participants from different agencies that were on MIXNINE, I could reflect a lot on my disadvantages.

Soeun, from Weeekly / Photo Courtesy Play M

We play, Weeekly’s colorful comeback, and their plans for 2021

Can you tell us more about your new album?

Soojin: If we’ve shown you who we are through We are and We can , and we’ve shown you how we find our dreams, We play is an album that captures the ‘right moment’ where we play freely. I hope this album will remind many people of their good memories and let them know the importance of ‘now’.

Jiyoon: That’s right. This album is an album where you jump around and say, “Let’s hang out!” The title song After School is also a song that makes you feel free. It’s hard to go outside comfortably, so I want to make you feel free when you listen to this album.

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Which concept do you want to explore more?

Monday: I want to show you a comfortable and free after school, just like the song After School. You’re really excited after class, right? I’d like to express my heart with Weeekly’s “cleanness.”

Zoa: If Weekly have been a student who lives in school so far, this time, I want to show you the freedom of the students who are out of school, so I want to show you “vividness”!

Jaehee, from Weeekly / Photo Courtesy Play M
What message would you like to share with Daileee in your title song?

Jihan: I want to show you a lot of “K-Heighteen, bouncy!”, and when you close your eyes and watch After School, I hope you can think of a fun way to get out of school and go somewhere with your friends!

Soeun: It’s such a sad time that I can’t meet my friends in person, but I hope you think a lot of fun and exciting things while listening to our songs. I want to give you a great energy with After School!

Jaehee: I hope Daileee will always be excited, joyful and happy like the lyrics of After School. In order to convey this message well, we also prepared a musical-like performance using skateboards and chairs, so please pay attention! See you soon, we’re meeting there, right? I miss you so much, Daileee!

Jihan, from Weeekly / Photo Courtesy Play M

Weeekly longs to see their international fans for the first time

In Latin America there are many people who want to follow your dreams and they want to be idols like you. Would like to share some tips?

Monday: A frase that I carry in my heart these days is “Someone’s opinion of you does not have to become your reality”. I hope that others’ opinions do not affect you and you let your dreams grow. If you continue like that someone will appear loving you the way you are. Of course I will also be one one of them. Cheer up!

Jihan: Just the fact that you found what you want to do seems amazing and great for me! We, Weeekly, will support your dreams!

Zoa: We also have a long way to go, even so we support your dreams! I’m sure that if you are passionate about dancing and singing you could become a great idol! 

Jaehee: Thinking of what I went through till now, there were many good things until meeting Weeekly, but I remember more the difficulties. However, I believe that made Jaehee from Weeekly to exist. If you look forward and run towards your dream, you’ll see that soon you will be there! And when you look back, you will surely feel proud saying, “I worked very hard!” Cheer up!

What’s the first country that you would like to visit after Corona?

Soojin: I want to go to every country where Daileee is to meet them and have a show!

Monday: I want to visit Mexico and the United States. And recently I am studying a lot of chinese, so I want to visit China after a long time without going! And, if it is possible, I want to meet every Daileee from everywhere in the world!

Jihan: Any place where I can meet Daileee is fine.

Jiyoon: I would like to visit Mexico and try tacos. Also the delicious fruit in Thailand!

Soeun: Mexico of course! I’ve never visited Mexico, but I’m really curious about it. I get excited just thinking about visiting it!

Zoa: I can’t choose just one country! I would like to meet personally every Daileee in the world that sends us love and support.

Jaehee: I would like to go to Mexico and the United States!

Zoa, from Weeekly / Photo Courtesy Play M
What are the goals for Weeekly in 2021?   

Soojin: I hope this will be a year where we show Weeekly to more people, and we get to meet you in person!

Soeun: First, my biggest goal is to meet in person our dear Daileee! Another objective of 2021 is to demonstrate how Weeekly has progressed and evolved compared to 2020.

Zoa: In the first place, it is really important that our members and Daileee take good care of their health, and I hope in 2021 we get the chance to meet Daileee in person.

Could you send a special message to your fandom in Mexico and Latin America?

Soojin: Daileees from Mexico and Latinamerica, thank you very much for supporting Weeekly from far away. If the opportunity is given, I would like to show our stage and greet you personally! Thank you.

Monday: Thank you for sending your love and support to Weeekly from afar. It is a shame that we can’t meet in person. I apologize for only communicating by video and writing, but with all sincerity I tell you: Daileees that are in Mexico and all of Latin America, I really love you all! Thank you very much! 

Jihan: Our Daileees from Mexico and Latin America! You already know that in 2021 happiness and health come first, right? This year I am also going to do my best to give you a special and precious week! I love you.


Jiyoon: Everyone! I love you, I want to meet you! The day I meet you in person, I absolutely want to tell you that I love you by looking into your eyes!

Soeun: Daileees in Mexico and Latin America! Thank you very much for always supporting us from afar. We start the new year 2021. We must also fill this year together with fun things! I love you Daileee!

Zoa:  Thank you very much for your support and love to Weeekly from so far away. We will also do everything possible to give happiness and energy from the stage to everyone, every day, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Keep supporting Weeekly! I love you.

Jaehee: To all Daileees in Mexico and Latin America! Thank you for always supporting and loving us. I will also be Jaehee from Weeekly who always strives to respond to the love and support. Jaehee thanks you very much and loves Daileee very much!

The girls from Weeekly broke their own sales record with their latest comeback “We play” / Photo Courtesy Play M

The girls from Weeekly are just starting their careers, but they came with everything to stand out and win the fans’ hearts.

At the moment their debut MV, Tag Me (@Me), has more than 15 million views, while their second video Zig Zag has already surpassed 16 million views. In addition, they ended 2020 obtaining several Rookie Awards such as in the 2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) and the Melon Music Awards.

Without a doubt, Weeekly fills us with energy, joy and a lot of fun. Daileee from Mexico and Latin America, we just have to wait for the day when we can meet the girls in person.

Daileee, what would you like to say to Weeekly when that time comes?

You can also find this interview in Spanish!


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